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    139 W. Dominick Street ~ Rome, NY 13440

    Phone: (315) 337-1700 ~ Fax: (315) 337-1715

    Email: info@RomeChamber.com

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  • Welcome to the Rome Area Chamber of Commerce

    Providing business advocacy, community promotion, and encouraging economic growth in Rome, New York since 1912. Our Business is Helping Your Business!



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    Member Directory & Community Guide

    The 2018-2019 Member Directory & Community Guide, promotes the Rome community with specific emphasis on encouraging readers to do business with Chamber members. The Guide includes details about business, recreation, and quality of life aspects of the Rome community, plus editorial and demographic information. The Guide upholds the Chamber's mission, to boost the local economy and to give our members the first opportunity to benefit from Chamber efforts. This publication was accurate as of June 1, 2018. Search the Chamber's online membership directory for the most current member listings. Click here to view the 2018-2019 edition.


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    Reasons to Shop Rome First during the holidays and Year-round!

    • You can find ALL the businesses that are Rome Chamber members in the directory at http://www.romechamber.com/list/. Follow the Shop Rome First page on Facebook, too, for links to local businesses. When you Shop Rome, FIRST, you can help save jobs. 
    • When you Shop Rome First you are helping to save existing jobs and create new jobs for services, suppliers, and stores.  Keep jobs here, and you will be helping to grow our community’s property tax base…more local businesses, more people...help keep property taxes down.  Shop Rome First, today and every day.  
    • Businesses generously support local organizations and fund raising campaigns for good causes.  When shopping, the Chamber reminds you to support our local businesses because they support you.  They invest in Rome’s future. 
    • When you Shop Rome First, you help to keep property taxes manageable. Local sales tax dollars help the City and County pay what they need to pay without raising taxes.  The purchases you make help to keep our City and County a safe place to live, work, and raise a family. 

    So shop in Rome and keep sales taxes working where they belong – for you, in your community.